How-to build your own Kubernetes cluster with a Rasberry Pi 4. 

Here's an overview on how-to build and configure a Kubenetes on 3 Rasberry Pi's

Part 1: Required Hardware

Part 2: Install and configure Ubuntu LTS 20.04 on a Rasberry Pi 4

Part 3: Install Kubernetes on a Rasberry Pi 4 

Part 4: Install Loadbalancer Metallb on Kubernetes

Part 5: Install and Configure NGINX Ingress Controller 

Part 6: Install and Configure Cert-manager for Let's Encrypt SSL certificates

Part 7: Install Kubectl on your Windows 10 client

Part 8: Install and Configure Kubernetes Dashboard

Part 9: Backup kubernetes with Velero & Minio

Part 10: How-To Configure static persistent volumes with a Synology NAS

Part 11: How-To Configure dynamic persistent volumes with a Synology NAS

Part 12: Deploy Heimdall - Yaml basics with ingress

Part 13: Replacing docker(shim) with containerd

Part 14: Deploy Plexserver - Yaml with advanced netwerking

Part 15: Deploy Nextcloud - Yaml with application and database container and a configure a secret 

Part 16: Deploy Jellyfin (alternative to Plex) - New ingress yaml format

Part 17:  How-to Upgrade Kubernetes cluster to newer version

Part 18: How-To Upgrade Kubernetes Nodes from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 LTS

Part 19: Use kubernetes ingress controller for sites outside kubernetes

Part 20: Deploy Prometheus and Grafana

Troubleshoot Kubernetes:

Kubernetes: Solve error message: Get "": dial up connect: connection ref used